Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Being arrested for a criminal offense in Indiana has severe legal, financial, and emotional consequences for the individual charged with the crime, as well as his or her family. The Law Office of Heather A. McCarthy has years of experience representing the interests of individuals involved in criminal cases. If you have been accused of a crime in the Chicago area, or throughout Indiana, or have learned that there is a pending investigation, it is critical to contact the Law Office of Heather A. McCarthy as soon as possible. We will advocate zealously on your behalf, bringing energy, skill, and knowledge to your defense strategy.

An experienced criminal attorney plays a critical role in getting the best possible outcome for an individual charged with a crime. It is important to have an attorney with the skills and background to mount a comprehensive and detailed defense; however, the criminal defense attorney also must understand how the prosecution intends to present the case in order to counter the evidence being presented. Having experts such as investigators or reconstruction specialists on staff or retainer means that the defense attorney independently can investigate the evidence being used to support the charges and can discover flaws in the case. By doing this, it is possible to discover:

• Problems with the investigation procedures followed by the law enforcement officers;
• Undue duress during the interrogation;
• Improper police lineups;
• Over-broad search warrants or searches that were not based on sufficient evidence;
and Any other actions that violate an individual’s Constitutional rights.

It is important for anyone who has been arrested for a criminal offense in Indiana to refrain from talking to the police or any authorities without a criminal attorney. Law enforcement officers will try to get a person to make admissions and they are very good at their jobs–they are permitted to lie to the suspect and misrepresent the evidence that they have. It is crucial to assert your right to remain silent and wait for counsel to arrive.

Full-Service Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Law Office of Heather A. McCarthy, we represent clients who have been accused of the following crimes:

• Retail Theft
• Robbery
• Burglary
• Drug Charges
• Domestic Violence
• Orders of Protection/Restraining Orders
• Domestic Battery
• Weapons Charges

The ramifications of being convicted of one of these crimes in Northwest Indiana are life-altering. A person may face the following punishments:

• Jail or prison time;
• Fines, which may be thousands of dollars;
• Community service;
• Substance abuse classes;
• Probation;
• A criminal record that will appear in background checks for employment and other matters.

In addition to the direct consequences of an Indiana criminal conviction, there are many other social and economic repercussions that can have as much or more of an impact on a person’s well-being and happiness. These consequences include:

• The denial of a job offer because of the criminal conviction;
• Being turned down for rental housing;
• Ineligibility for certain professional licenses or certifications;
• Societal disapproval, which may lead to a loss of a social support network;
• Challenges in obtaining loans, whether for personal, academic, or business use;
• An inability to obtain security clearances necessary for certain employment opportunities;
• A negative impact on immigration status.

There are many advantages to contacting a criminal defense lawyer before the charges are filed. This allows an experienced defense attorney to represent the client and protect his rights as well as influence the direction of the investigation as it unfolds. This also provides the opportunity to scrutinize the techniques of the investigating officers in order to ensure that there are no due process violations.

Give Yourself a Fighting Chance Against Criminal Charges

The Law Office of Heather A. McCarthy represents clients in Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties, Indiana. We are committed to providing an aggressive and effective defense for our clients. We understand the financial burden of defending against Indiana criminal charges, so we offer our criminal lawyer services at competitive rates in order to ensure that everyone has access to the best legal defense possible. Our initial consultation with prospective clients is free of charge. To schedule an appointment, call us at (219) 940-9963.